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In it, there were two large white boxes against the sidewall. Two smaller but different ones that sat between the backbenches and there was another do...ble sink, but it was shallower.Lots of cupboards were hung on the side and back walls except were a large window was over the sinks. The side benches ran into the wide benches across the middle of the room, with convenient access between them. A table with eight chairs took up the front section. He had noticed a similar set up in his unit but. He could not resist trying his feet in the stirrups and imagined his own wife laying like this; having a genecology exam, for some strange reason this thought caused his cock to twitch and begin to harden. Just then the door opened and in walked three people he had never met; two men and a woman.Immediately the two men grabbed his ankles and secured them with straps into the stirrups; now Doug began to panic for there had never been any need to secure him to the table in the past. Just as. I am a Married White Male 65 years old, 5'10" Tall !65 lbs and am totally addicted to sex of all kinds with a few bounderies which include s**t, Minors, Anal Sex with males, and Pain of any kind. Whenever it comes to Women, I just can't say no. Now on to the Good Part.I guess it all started whenever I was about 9 years old. My Parents had gone on a weekend get away and left me to stay with the neighbors next door. That was fine with me, as their son and I were best of friends. It was about. I didn't care - at that point I just wanted to fuck and feel all three cock deposit their cum inside my body.Paul came first - I kept my lips wrapped around his cock - I have always loved to swallow. The feeling of a cock jerking cum into your mouth and then going limp to me is one of power. People might disagree in that it is submissive to suck cock - I feel powerfull, after all I could bite it off (only joking - but it could be possible).Next my hubby's cock began to pulse - he shot his cum.

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