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It was happend at my age of 18. Let me introduce about me Iam from chennai with my parents height-5’6 athletic body not so fair normal colour . I am...Shiva (real name) studying diploma college 3yr at chennai. This story is about me and my neighbour aunty. she is 26 year old she had a 36D size milky white boobs with hard nipple and she had a well shaped sexy rounded ass and she was so fair her name is Kayathri (this is her real name) she got married at the age of 23 but still she didn’t get. I came so hard on him. My whole body clenched, as though I had to somehow knot him into me, denying him any escape. I could feel his balls jerking against me as he emptied his semen inside me, no sheath, no questions. In the morning I was sore, awed by how he had made me feel in bed and certain that we would see each other again. 'Make him lick you out when you get home' Saul said calmly watching me pull my leather jeans back on. That seemed such a dirty and a cruel thing to do. Saul blinked.. Her nipples and cunt were alive with desire again as she brought his hard cock to her lips. She tried to picture what she looked like, a prim and proper mother opening her mouth to suck a cock. Soon his cock was deep in her mouth and she imagined that she was being watched by her son, Maurice and Patty. ‘Oh Gabby that’s it, suck me, suck my cock, lick my balls, play with my balls,’ he called out snapping her out of her trance. She could tell from his hip movements, deep breathing and his. Her taste was amazing. I was getting a complete mix of hold and cold. My god I was licking her pussy so dam hard they she was scratching my shoulders by her nails and I didn’t even felt it.When I got up my lips was all covered by Geetha’s cum and she wiped it. Geetha hold me in her arms and kissed me. The feeling of pleasure was on our face.Now I told Geetha to be ready, this time I am going to ride her brutally. And she said do whatever you want, I am just all yours for the time. Treat me the.

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