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.She then started talking about my body and said I look very good, I was a bit surprised but I let her continue. Dil kar raha tha abhi uske boobs uski chut mei apna lund ghusa du!!She was wearing a night dress in which I could see her cleavage very clearly and she asked me to stop staring and show her my chest. As weird as it sounds she did ask me thatShe said “I want to see your chest it looks good in a tshirt and I wanna see it”She told me that the other day I had no problem. A woman deserves that."She gazed up at him adoringly. "I wish I had a real man, like you,Phil." Her hand inched higher on his leg."You know," he observed, "it's not fair for you to go on like this.Ira... I mean Ima... isn't like a husband anymore. It's as if you'reliving with someone else. Maybe I could... make you feel the way youshould." Oh, Phil. That's so thoughtful. So caring." Her hand went to hiscrotch. What she felt there made her eyes go wide. "And now I knowthat you honestly. Tell me what were you wearing?”This jolted Tracey back into the present and she continued. “Oh, this black skirt and a tight blue top!”“And the skirt is leather and mini?” Said the Policewoman. Tracey nodded.“Anything else?”“Heels!” Tracey said to the table in front of her.“Lingerie?”“Yes, I still have that on, although it is ripped now!” Tracey’s face started to crumble into tears again and she sipped her water trying to calm herself.“And then?” The Policeman prompted.“I heard one of the. But not just the way he treated the hookers but also that her pimp did say tat he had seen him beat up other people (and local clients) many times outside on the streets her pimp said that the "other guy" looked scared before and after he got totally bashed up by Reinhardt.Reinhardt walked to the open box that was next to the bed. He took out the things he needed and used them to tie up the prostitute's wrists and ankles to the posts of that bed. He had also taken out a ball gag and roughly.

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