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I guess because Nick was one of the few men in town who didn’t act like dad had committed some crime when he came here and married mom. She wasn’t...kidding last night when she said she had a ton of boyfriends when she was younger, mom was a total knock out in her younger days, and she dated everyone from the mayor’s son to Tom Sheridan who is now the local sheriff. Tom was also dad’s most serious rival, the two of them have learned to get along but you can still tell they aren’t real friendly. For some reason, her clitoris was very big and clearly visible as well, her black pubic hair carefully trimmed short.During the day, the townspeople hadn't given her too much trouble except for the occasional meaningless insults about her heritage and a few people quickly squeezing her buttocks. However, the night was quickly approaching and Garanna was getting a little bit worried. The night could bring out all sorts of people she rather wouldn't have near her in her current, helpless state.. I tried to sit straight but I couldn't so I crossed my legs so one of the legs would be over my cock. she sat beside me. her flat was a one room flat really small."thank you I said" for the tea"you are welcome", she said and added "listen Tom, I wanted to ask you, well, not ask I just wanted to justify myself I guess, for what I was telling you the other day, I mean talking about sex and all that stuff, I felt like I talked to much" she blushed a bit"it's ok, I enjoyed it" I said "talking about. She really wanted me after all these acts and double meaning talks.We bought vegetables for 20 people so it was a 3 big bags I kept the bags at one end and went sat near her I kept one on my lap and one on her lap. We were covered with bags and now I slowly rubbed her small boobs with my elbow she hesitated to do it in auto but later let me do it.I later took a drumstick broke it into the size of a dick and poked her thighs with it. she was so aroused that she bit her lips. I didn’t want to go.

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