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Theyhad already taken their mock exams the previous year. Paul hadn't fairedbadly in them, though those results were not for the record. Regardless,th... lessons were giving his mind things to think about, diverting himaway from thoughts of dresses and make up.He met up with Kelly outside the bike shed and they headed home togetheras always.?So, you spent the whole weekend as Paula?? she asked him. ?So, whatactivities did she do???I went shopping with mom on Saturday, bought some clothes. Sucking his cock and fondling his balls Brent is moaning and then his body stiffens and he says " I'm going to cum ", his Mother stops sucking his cock and moves away but Brent is still holding the back of her head and he moans as he cums all over his Mothers face.He shoots ropes of cum all over her face with some going in her mouth and he finally lets go of her head, Anna wipes the sperm from her face and spits out the sperm that went in her mouth, Brent says " I'm so sorry Mom, I was caught. “I wanted it to continue but daddy found out they were taking naughty pictures of me and that’s when he asked them to leave. It was my entire fault!” mom said getting loud again.Aunt B and I were unsuccessfully trying to calm mom with backrubs when I noticed mom was squeezing her legs together and rubbing them back and forth while kneeling. I looked behind mom and noticed Aunt B rubbing mom’s ass through her skirt. Mom was wearing an all black skirt with thigh high’s and a really nice suit. Times have definitely changed since I was younger. My husband loves me and only wanted us to try different things in the sex department but I refused thinking it was not right. But now looking back maybe I should have listened to him and gone along with his desires. Then we‘d possibility still be together. Now here I was, a Saturday night in a college town and at a party full of young people. Shit, I am 10 years older than them but the guys were all over me. Sure, I love to dance and I am.

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