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"She turned the volume down and I could hear Charlie saying, "WX4XA. Clear."She said, "Well, we made a contact and that's good. Let's go to your paren...s' house. We need to talk to them about Charlie and I want to use your computer to look him up on QRZ " [Ed. note: exists but the calls used in the story are not in its database intentionally.]"Okay, Shirl. Let's go." As we walked out, I added, "I guess we need a computer here and an internet connection?" Jack, that would help. It would. I pounded her sweet peach while Lori gently licked and sucked her daughter’s clit. She pushed back, meeting my thrusts while my capable hands firmly held her slender hips. My cum-heavy balls were going to explode when Monica moaned, “I’m cumming, Mom, Allen!”She tensed as her orgasm reached its crescendo, then suddenly relaxed. Three strong spasms followed after which, I slipped my cock from the warmth of her pussy. Susie and Cat had come over and knelt on either side of Monica. I reached down. " Please forget that my name is Brian. It'll be safer if you call me Victor," I said."Okay, Victor," she said.We both laughed when we saw her panties on the floor where she'd discarded them when I'd asked her to take them off."We're coming back, right?" she asked. I took her hand, and assured her that we would be back soon. We left the panties on the floor, and walked to the house."What does Tuck do when he comes home after lunch?" I asked, and felt her body stiffen."Let's not talk about that. “Where’s my phone?”I half turned from the stove. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen mine, either.”Jo lurched to her feet and went in search of our phones. “Oh, they’re both discharged,” she groaned. While I finished preparing breakfast, Jo found our wall chargers and plugged them in at the bar. The phones beeped with several incoming messages when Jo turned them on. We ate breakfast while we caught up on our messages.“They’re pissed off about Brian, and I missed a practice yesterday,” Jo said.

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