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Still rubbing your clit, he smiles as your legs shake and your vagina pulsates, waves of pleasure rushing through your body.‘Did you just cum?&#...217; he askes‘Hell yes I did,’ you reply breathlessly.‘Now I want you to cum again,’ he says, lowering himself to the first bench he spreads your legs and tastes you. Licking your clitoris with his soft, warm tongue he makes you moan with pleasure. After a few more gentle licks he takes your clitoris into his mouth and. ”“Is my friend, Alison, now Guy’s woman?”“You’ll have to ask Ms. Alison. Guy never talks about who he fucks and who he and I have in our bed.”“So - you help Guy get his girls and women, then you become lovers with them too?”“Yes. Does that sound so terrible to you?”“OH NO! It excites me to look at you and know that no man will ever eat your pussy or fuck your pussy, other than your own brother.”“Guy is looking down at us, listening to us talk about him. Are you comfortable being here in your. I finished bathing and Mary helped me to dry off, then I dressed to greet the new morning. James had mentioned the possibility of taking in an exhibition at a nearby museum, so I dressed somewhat more conservatively. I wore a rather slimming dark skirt and a high necked and long-sleeved blouse over a long and lacy shift. The blouse was sheer enough so that the shift was quite visible beneath, but since the shift was of a full coverage, the effect was more pretty than sexual in nature. I wore a. She leaned back against the handle bars facing him. Looking down at her chest, she asked ‘Can you make these puppies jiggle?’ Syd pumped one slow rotation on the pedals. The motion of his thighs was transmitted through Mandy’s ass and her captive boobs rolled one cycle side to side. Syd pumped a second cycle a little faster. Then he tried a couple in a row. Mandy sang out ‘They may be rocking, they might be rolling, but they sure ain’t jiggling.’ Syd pedaled faster, no longer noticing any pain.

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