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? Taking my hand, he ledme to the big mirror in the corner, stood me in front of it and made me lookat myself. ?Now look. See how you are presenting y...urself to the world, toa stranger.? I looked in the mirror. There I was, shiny Mary Jane shoes, sheer white stockings,ending just below the hem of my short short pleated plaid skirt. Slim whitewaist rising above the low waistband, full breasts pushing out of the low cutred satin bra. Looking in the mirror at Daddy's face over my shoulder, I felta. And then the question he doesn't really want to ask: "you want me to pull out?"Translation: "Please, let me stay inside. Please tell me I can shoot this load inside you..."She smiles. "Don't pull out. Go ahead."Bliss. Ecstasy. Incredible joy. She's giving him her pussy, and she's ready to take a load.At this point, it's all about cumming. His cock is hard, thrusting, swollen. Hurting, almost, because he wants so badly to shoot. He'll give her a good finish, thrust a little harder, push his hips. Unnoticed while Samantha was kissing me, he had stopped the doors from closing and now he was pressing the button for his own floor. My head flew up and my eyes found Aunt Sarah's shocked face. My heart sank once again, after all that had happened, we'd been found out anyway."Your mother is going to kill me," I whispered.Samantha, her body still molded to mine, turned and saw her mother stepping into the elevator. The doors closed with a soft swish and then we were rushing up, the silence full. If they fit and look OK will you wear them." Of course," I said envisaging a shirt and jeans from when she was still a little brother moving in with big sister."Wait here, I'll go get Alex," she said as she rushed out of the bedroom.Not long after all three women came into the room and all were carrying various boxes and items of clothing, only problem for me was that none of them were boys clothes.The next half hour passed in a whirl. I was ordered to strip off and I have to say there was some.

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