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On arriving in the studio Leeroy sat at the back, with his dead peppy situated infront of his seat, to block access to the seats on either side of him...and so he could fuck Peppy multiple times during the show. The lights shot up, a fat man walked on stage, the tonight show had begun. Immediately Leeroy began cumming in Peppy, continuously fucking her insides hard. At this stage there wasn't much left to Peppys insides but deadly virus's, something which turned Leeroy on. Alot. Jay Leno took a. " She didn’t seem shy to Helen, but she was a kind person, always willing to befriend someone. “I’m Helen. I haven’t been here long myself.” “I’m Kat; do you fancy going for a cup of coffee?” “Okay,” answered Helen, though she would rather have gone straight home for a sleep. When they got to the coffee bar it was heaving. “I don’t like crowded places,” moaned Kat in a plaintive voice. “Why don’t we just go back to my flat and have a drink there?” So off they went to Kat’s nicely appointed. She started moaning with pleasure “uuuuuummmmmmmmm fuck fuck fuck me harder” she was shouting tis continuously. I wanted to try different position and tried doggy. I removed ma dick and started licking her ass she again reached high and started shouting ” fuck me please i am urs fuck me as your bitch”Then again we went for the missionary position and this time i coulndt control . I asked her whether i can cum inside her pussy. She told that she was at her safe time of cycle so there was no. FUCK ME”. Esther was surprised at Jerry’s stamina, he has never lasted so long before, he would usually cum and then fall asleep in a short period of time.Finally Jerry pumped his cum into her womb and they lay still before he softened and pulled out of her. As they laid quiet, Esther asked, “Do you have any fantasies”? Jerry stayed quiet. Esther asked herself, ‘Now what am I going to do, He won’t tell me if he has any fantasies. Maybe he doesn’t fantasize, no stimulating thoughts. Some.

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