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He nodded before heading right for where all the kids were waiting.“Do you know any of these children,” he asked holding up a tablet with six kids...showing on it.When he got to me my goggles kicked on I saw all six of the kids come up with names beside them, lot of names. Each had a least ten aliases. A map came up in my left lens with dots showing where they were right now. I didn’t know where Bristol, Tennessee was, but they were all moving past it around eighty miles an hour heading toward. She continues to take it until I hit the back of her throat. She gags but her hands are on my ass and pulling me to her. I hold for several more seconds before releasing her. With a loud gasp she struggles for air.“Again” she simply says.I do the same again but with more force this time. I hold her for longer as well. I keep doing this serval times before I feel that usual sensation building within. I pull out of her and starting ramming the first few inches in and out of her mouth. She keeps. Since then, I've looked at her with different eyes and she doesn't get out of my head anymore. If my girlfriend knew how obsessed I am with the desire to fuck her best friend, she would chop off my cock.Since I'm also a little happy to show, I thought that if I can't fuck her, I want Amanda to see my cock or even better that she sees me fuck. I always remember the look from her apartment into our kitchen and I tried to fuck my girlfriend in the kitchen as often as possible. The idea that Amanda. I said no i'm married. she says so he's a asshole and you need to get back at him and have fun. I said what ever and then we went back to the dance floor after few mins. the same black guy started dancing with me again and we started grinding and dancing dirty together. It was making me extremly horny and all i had in my mind was what crystal told me to do and i was starting to think about doing it. After awhile i realised crystal was gone so i started looking for her but i couldnt find her any.

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