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"Christ, I'm sorry" Jim immediately felt ashamed for hurting her feelings.The next thing Jim knew he was holding her against his chest as she continue... to sob. In one swift motion Becky had managed to reach out, like a hurt child, and trigger Jim's natural male response to accept the embrace to comfort her. Then, like a snake Becky had managed to wrap her firm young legs snugly around his waist and to place her young soft pussy directly against his teased cock. As Becky pressed her hardened. She wasn't frightened, the voice was soothing to her ears and helped her enjoy the embrace. The panting was louder than ever, right at her ears, and the voice was ever as calm, keeping her at ease. The voice moaned to her how good it must feel to have such a loving friend, and how this warmth is so addictive.Amy wasn't sure when exactly she fell asleep, but when she woke up she felt like the same woman. She didn't care much for dogs still, and the upcoming practical module still seemed. There is no sound except for the moans of the women and the slap of their thighs when the dildo plunges in and out of their hot wet chambers. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper they go until at last Lucy gives up the hot juices that signal her orgasm. When daughter feels mother stiffen, Brea too pushes herself over the edge and into the abyss of ecstasy.Breathing heavily, Brea holds herself on her hands and knees to keep her weight off her mother. Lucy reaches up and caresses her daughter’s. I'm telling you I want to watch the two of you do it. You are free to decline, but then I think you know what I'll do should you refuse me." I..." Joan stammered. "Oh, God, what have I got myself into?" Lay down on the bed, Joan. Walter has to lube you up."She lay face down on the bed without protest until Walt approached her and laid his left hand on her ass preparing to apply the Astroglide ointment."What the hell are you doing? I said no, I don't want it, leave me alone!" She cried.

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