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She came back in a while wearing just those little shorts and bra with a tight shirt over it. Indu was looking so hot and lusty. She then leaned back ...gainst the wall, unbuttoned her shorts and slid her hand down in her panties. She closed her eyes briefly and sighed. I could see her hand squirming under her Panties and I listened to her sharp intake of breath. She opened her eyes and asked me what I was waiting for. I unzipped my pants and my erect cock popped free from my boxers and I began. She, once, had been younger and had known so much more about life.She was older now. Her hair was salt and pepper and hung lifelessly. Herforehead was wrinkled: age and worry. Her eyes were tired. Cheeks thathad once burst with colour were now splotched and pallid. There was nosmile on her lined face. The corners of her mouth were turned down.She cradled the parcel as a mother would cradle a child. She rememberedthe very first time he had tried to latch on, searching, struggling,crying. Her. Since it was a Thursday there was no problem. He had the limo drop them off downtown and let the driver know that they'd need a pick up sometime the next morning. It might turn into a long distance job, so be prepared.Walking into the lobby, then eventually up to the suite that had 2 bedrooms and could sleep 8, the girls were in awe of the ambiance of the place. Bob had figured they'd never seen a place like the Hopkins, and after checking into the room, told them to get ready to take a hike.. And I was going wild and to my mood, I have rubbed her breast with my sanded hand and she gasp out a loud morn and slowly I positioned my dick at her love hole and jerked a little bit.She pierced her nails on me.And I slowly planted a kiss on her mouth …And saw that she was crying …As she was a virgin it was difficult to make my move …Once again I made a move towards her love hole …And now it was all in …Tears were rolling from her eyes …And it was my first time I was building up with that much.

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