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As Frankie’s tongue continued its assault on his cock Adam’s fingers started to play slowly around her pussy lips, circling around the outside, as...he dipped one inside she pushed down at him grinding onto it, tightening her pussy around his finger he started to circle it inside her, feeling her pussy walls and seeking out her g-spot, again he hit in bang on, Frankie pushed down harder and squirted on it while it continued to circle inside her, every time it hit her g-spot she felt a little more. Maybe shejust likes the uniforms. More likely he thought she needed some extraguys around for fat dumpy broads at the party. When he got there, a strange looking doorman, maybe seven feet tallwith a hawk-like face looked at him carefully with the strangest smileand was overly polite in holding the door open to the old brownstone onthe west side. "Welcome sir," he said, "and I hope you enjoy the evening." "Um, yes, thank you." He walked to a very old elevator, the old fashioned kind. And letters ... and photographs. My mother, standing next to a tall man wearing leathers, a motorbike behind them. Photographs of the two of them walking at the seaside, or in the Lake District; neatly labelled on the backs, date, place ... names. Wedding photos, the groom young, tall, handsome; the bride, though I didn't know it, looking a little like me, literally blushing in white. The order of service for the funeral. I held the photograph of them looking happy together, gazing at it as my. How did Anya do it? She wasn't even sure she could take half of it.His Supremacy moaned a little, and put His hand on Tetenia's head, softly but firmly. "Anya," He said. "Praise me." You are God, Your Supremacy. You are all-powerful."He tightened His grip on Tetenia, and pushed her down a little."You are greater than God. You are the God of Gods, the personification of power, a sacred being in the flesh."He pushed Tetenia down further. She had taken a little less than half His cock and she.

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