The picture says it all, one had all but passed out and the other was either a lesbian or curious. When she’d all but passed out on the settee she t...ntatively stroked her thigh – no response. She plucked up courage and went further, feeling her tits and then lifting her skirt so that she could have a peek up it – there was still no response. She had a few more drinks stroking her thighs and pussy through her panties, clearly wondering how far she should go. There was a bed in the next room in. “Oh yeah, that’s a good girl,” he said at possibly the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life, Rose masturbating for him on a sink in a public restroom while he stroked along with her. It was appropriate this way, a relationship based on watching, and being watched. Completing their meeting as they had started so long ago, staring each other on their computers from afar. Building up a slow burning desire for years, only intensified by the fact that they couldn’t have each other. And now. The drinks had made me began to feel horny and I was starting to become fascinated by what she was doing.On all fours with cock inside her ass and pussy, but she was eager for cock in her mouth.I looked around to see any familiar faces; that’s when I spotted Gypsy.I left my chair and staggered towards him.He was shocked to see me, maybe it was the fact I was prancing around topless; and pretty much wasted.I was all over Gypsy; he was staring at me; almost as thought he wanted nothing to do with. I went about my cleaning and after a few hours Miss Henderson arrivedwith a bag OK Andrew I've got a new uniform for you to wear. Take offyour dress please but leave your underwear on. I did as instructed thenMiss Henderson came over and attached leather cuffs to my wrists andlocked them with small padlocks. What are these for, shut up MissHenderson shouted And slapped me hard across the face. I expect you tospeak when spoken to but for now I suppose I'll just use this to keepyou quiet. And she.

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