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”His cruel eyes are black and fathomless and she ceases her struggle, hoping that the amount of booze he’s sunk will eventually render him sensele...s.“When you’re all alone,” Conan splutters, convulsed by sobs, the face paint streaked with tears, “Here’s what you’ll keep saying.”He walks over to the table he has set up and cranks the ancient gramophone into life. The spectral echo of My Mammy fills the bunker. Hugging the ashes urn tight to her chest Conan mimes out of sync with the crackling. I thought he would get really pissed off; but instead he slipped his cock out of my used pussy and dropped to his knees, and with skillful fingers he began rubbing my clit until I started to cum for the second time. Chris pressed his gorgeous lips to my swollen opening and buried his tongue deep inside its walls, lapping up the every last drop of liquid, as I squirted into his waiting mouth. Standing back up, he ran his hand from my clit to my asshole, soaking his hand in pussy juice as he. Now me being 18, I was thinking wow an older woman talking to me? Anyway, she had walked to the event, so Marty & I offer her a ride back. We get in the Jeep & she ask if we burn, “of course we do” we replied in unison. “cool I have some when we get to my place”. We get there, burn and talk, Marty & I decide to leave but before doing so she invites me to come over anytime (BIG SMILE on my face) we exchange numbers.Marty’s parent’s house sits on a hill & you can see a decent portion of Topnaga. As Mike lay back, she straddled him, kissing his lips, before moving down and biting his left nipple.“Oh babe, you sure know how to excite me!”Reaching between her legs and grabbing his erection, Michelle replied, “It sure does look that way!”Stroking him a few more times, she guided him to her willing vagina. As excited as she was, he slid in easily.“Oh honey!”Thrusting upwards, Mike lifted her from the ground with each stroke. Leaning forward, she kissed him, sucking greedily on his tongue..

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