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"Mitch and Dora were leaving and were kissed and hugged on their way. As they drove off, Britt said, "My beautiful man is tired. I'm taking him to bed..."I tried to smile but was really tired. All that driving had suddenly caught up with me. Britt led me upstairs and into our room. She undressed me slowly caressing and kissing me all over until I was naked. She lay me in bed over a bit on my back. I watched a little bit sleepily except for one part as she removed her clothing. When she was naked,. But time was running out. i had no plan for her, not even whether to run or to stay with her. i got into a sitting position, and pulled her up to my level. i noticed her ponytails, they looked sweet on her pretty visage.but she wasn't sweet. she slapped me again. this time, i retaliated by pulling her head close, but instead of kissing her, i bit her lips. her eyes widened. and teared up. i smiled my patent evil smile. i stroked her hair and bit her again. the shock value had a telling effect.. . would you mind shutting off the light?’ I blushed quickly, trying to hide my embarrassment. Of course he wasn’t thinking like I was. It wasn’t like he was expecting anything out of this. I leaned over to the side table and tried to turn the lamp off. I felt around looking for a switch on the lamp. I blushed again, now embarrassed for an entirely different, but still equally ridiculous reason. After a minute, he sighed. ‘Here I got it,’ he said as he moved over. He reached over me flipping a. As she grabbed my cock she took a deep breath and seemed to stand on the tip of her toes, the kiss increased and when our lips parted a thunderous sigh escaped her mouth. She bent down half way to put it in her mouth, she swallowed 1/3 of it before getting to her knees grabbing my cock up to lick from my balls to the tip. Once she got to my bulging tip she swallowed it again, to my surprise she put it all the way down and i could feell the tip of my cock being closed in on by her throat, she.

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