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I unpack my case in the quiet hotel room, the music in the background is slow and has a calming effect on my nerves. I pull out my new black dress. It...s short, but not too short, it's sophisticated yet sexy. I select some sexy lingerie and sheer black stockings to wear underneath, and some killers heels. I know how you love your killer heels.I take a shower and slowly get ready, I've got a couple of hours until we meet, but I so want to make a good impression. I paint my nails in a deep red. "I lifted my face higher. I didn't speak a word, but it was obvious what the answer is. Hell no you wont!He pushed the toy against my lips, and I fought back against it. Grabbing hold of my face, he tried to push the toy into my mouth. My hands flew to my face to defend myself.Then the logical portion of my brain kicked in. Oh yes, defensive training here. Both hands turned out, palms. And I used a quick jab straight to the groin. Quick, with both hands, palms as the hitting surface. He pulled. It later came out that these businessmen didn’t know how to use their shelter’s defensive system. They had their target systems configured for automatic target selection, and they didn’t know about the lockout options on the system’s Field of Fire Configuration page. His clients all thought the herd was attacking them, so they pressed their FIRE buttons, and their shelter’s defensive system fired its energy weapons at the herd.”“Oh shit! Let me guess, Tom. The defensive system’s automatic. ..............Barrel chested, well tanned and with a bulge that has made even Brad look twice!So he was my target as Brad knew I wanted to at least see his package if not try it out:)Much booze was consumed and the appropriate (actually maybe inappropriate) accidental touching and rubbing against Scott made him aware I was on for some fun and I even playfully fell into his lap while he was eating to get a laugh and on the way to back standing a handful of his thick member. With a squeeze and a.

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