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"You use a lot of those, do you?" Well, no, but I'm not a virgin, not since last March." Who was she, anybody I know?" Um, she might not want you to k...ow. You know her." Oh, come on, who?" Roberta." My best friend, you've been fucking my best friend? And I didn't know it? How much, once, twice?" Well, I'll deny ever telling you but couple times a week." You still are doing it? With Roberta?" Yeah, at her house." Then, maybe you don't want to do me?" Oh, Sis, you are so pretty, of course, I want. I had been there about 30 minutes when it dawned on me that I had seen a few men more than once. In fact one man I had walked past at least 3 times. I decided that I should keep my eye on him and see where he went. It was then I noticed a copse of trees, very dense, with a little path leading into them. Upon further investigation there was a small brick building hidden in amongst the trees. I later learned this was an old air raid shelter and was where it all happened. So I had found the place,. " he answered miserably, his asshole twitching in expectation."Danm." she paused, "Good answer" she nodded impressed "I can see you already learned your manners." she circled around behind him, and he felt the weight of her strap-on settle between his ass cheeks. "Now it's time for you to learn your place", she growled, spreading his ass cheeks with one hand and squirting cold lubricant into his crack with the other."Please.." he sobbed timidly, knowing that pleading would do no good. Knowing. You envision her lying next to you in bed, stroking you to sleep, as is her duty as your maid.You sleep soundly that night.The following morning, you head downstairs with a suitcase filled with clothes. Your PC and desk already neatly ready by the front door. The pictures showed that all the rooms were furnished, so you wouldn't need to take everything from your room.You head into the kitchen, leaving your suitcase in the hallway and sit at the table where your mother eats breakfast while your.

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