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”Natalie told Traci, “Tomorrow morning, we have to make a decision, starting with my Mistress Aimee. Stay or leave.” Natalie placed her hand on own collar, “Remove the collar and walk away, or keep it on and stay. I am staying and I believe the others will too. Now, you have to choose. Put on this collar and live as we do as my submissive tonight until tomorrow morning, give yourself to me, and call me Mistress. Or we go down and have a nice meal, and maybe a little fun, then in the morning. “This way girl,” as she led the way to an enormous house that stood on the far side of the lawn.Sally was not yet taking in her surroundings; she was perplexed as to why her aunt kept referring to her as “girl” rather than by her name.They reached the entrance which opened to a magnificent hallway with large rooms left and right which they passed before reaching a wide stairway, which they did not take, but carried on via a reduced passageway off to the right side of the stairs.Harriet’s heels. Devon hesitated for a moment with his head reared back in ecstasy. Mark continued to gently lick and suck on the head, swallowing every little bit of cum. Once Devon had recovered, he reached down and pulled Mark up to his feet. He gave Mark a man-hug with a bit of a caress on his cheek. This was clearly not his first gay experience.He flashed a smile and said, “I’ll see you at practice tomorrow. Keep working hard, everybody sees your improvement.”He turned around and scooped his towel off of. This was her one chance to find out the truth. ‘Look, I’ve stood by you through this whole project. I’ve located components for you, and covered your backside when everyone wanted to know what you were up to in this little basement lab of yours. The very least you can do is let me try it once.’ Graham hung his head, and Crystal knew that she had won. ‘Ok, just ONCE. But you have to do exactly as I say.’ She smothered a smile as he began to explain the usage of the device that she already knew.

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