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My face firmly imbedded within herlarge buttocks. As we passed by her mother, she stoppedand a large object was inserted in my rear. Three swapswith h...r large black paddle and I was pushing my youngmistress ahead with my face deeply in her rear. Outside, they took us over to the faucet and made usstand while they got a hose and started washing usdown. Both of us were shivering from the cold water andtrying to cover our most sensitive areas. When it wasdone, we had to run in a circle to dry off. Soon they were in deep conversation about the workings of the solar system or something. My attention was drawn away from Squasha by the conversation I overheard from a table nearby. It was a typical ‘meat is murder’ argument being conducted by a coyote and a sheep. ‘I can’t believe you ordered that!’ ‘Oh, come on, we’ve been through this before. I like meat. If you don’t want to see me eat my lamb-chop, take yer broccoli casserole (with cheese!) to another fucking table!’ ‘One of God’s. With one hand I reach down and rub her clit as the other goes up and holds Amy’s throat and I move in pushing my throbbing hard cock up sliding deep inside and with hard thrusts I begin to fuck her with every inch. Pressed up against the glass with my cock pumping Amy hard I just look and talk dirty to her about her being fucked for all to watch and I know she loves it. Without slowing or stopping I pound her non stop up till I feel her legs shake and all the normal signs of her about to cum so. Andrew groaned. "Oh, sorry, you like this, don't you?" He nodded and she giggled happily. "Well, you can put it back on if you decide we need it. Gosh ... Andrew, look! She touched a nipple with a pointing finger. Look how my body wants yours. Do you see?" she spoke almost breathlessly.Andrew came closer. She sat down. He knelt in front of her and brought his lips to the nipple she had pointed to."Little sensitive, too." She whispered as his lips closed around the protruding nub. He very.

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