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He took the panty and put it into his pant pocket. I was now nude below the skirt.I had told you earlier that I rarely wore skirts, but that day I had...worn one and you can imagine how lucky I felt that my nudity was hidden. He then pulled me in front to the edge of the seat.Since these were reclining seats, my head and back were resting on the back cushion, while my legs and pussy were at the edge of the seat. This gave him the ideal position to lift my skirt and put it over his head.His head. But I want you to ask me to take you baby girl. I wont do it until you ask. Then you wont ever have me because I will NEVER ask you! NEVER!!! Baby I said i wouldnt take you there, just me there is worse things I can do. Things that will make you beg me to stop and make you feel good again. She said nothing. Have it your way then I flipped Cyra on her stomach and pulled her so that her chest and head were or the bed and her legs were hanging down. She was fighting some, but no match for my. I felt sorry for her. Asked her the name of the guy and complemented he’s very lucky to get you. I wanted to feel her badly.We again began the finger kissing and back squeezing game. Continued for a while, I thought I should make the next move. I moved my hands between her hips and the window side. I wanted to touch her breast. My hands were wandering and I found the nipple pointed. During this action of mine, she went real crazy. Shaking her body in a sexy way; I suddenly drew back my hand.. Thats when my phone wentoff again.[Remember, think before you act.]And a picture of her in a dark mid-night blue nighty showed up after thetext.Talk about painful, my cock tried to desperately to explode from itssteel prison.[I look forward to having you lick, suck and worship my tits. Don't youwish you were as smooth as I am, and I was playing with your breast andnipples?]Another picture showed up, showing me her top half, without the nighty.[Don't you wish I would suck on your clit, while.

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