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This was for ME.”“Oh, I took a lot away, too!” I said laughing as she joined in.She slowly got up from the bed covering her breasts with her arm... in a pique of modesty. She picked up her panties and slipped them on, then took her bra and ran to the bathroom. When she came out, I had put underwear back on as she found her clothes and dressed quickly.“Umm, I should get going so I’m not missed. Thank you for everything, you were wonderful. I’m so glad you understood the situation.” She said. ” I said.“So am I.” She said.I couldn’t see what she was doing, until after I had cum inside her asshole.I lay on my back staring at the sealing afterwards, when I looked at what she was doing. Still grinding her hips around my cock gently, but she was jerking herself off. I was shocked as she sprayed cum on my chest and cum was trickling down her hand as she clinched a fist around her cock.“What the fuck!” I said, in horror. She pulled off the condom from my cock and drank cum from inside it.I. ”“Your situation is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” declared Brenda. “He left six years ago! In all that time, he’s never called, emailed or even wrote a letter. You can’t still love him after all he’s done to you. Or can you?”Laura again turned her eyes downward but gave no response.“Well, shit!” exclaimed her mother. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those women who accept abuse and even think you deserve it. He left you! This is on him, Laura. A man who abandons his wife without so much as. My sister was sitting on her bed naked to her waist. Gently pressed to one large breast was her baby. Her other breast was bare and sagged some from the weight of the milk inside. I saw her dark nipple extended and what looked like liquid oozing from the end.Quickly and silently I moved to my room and closed my door. By now my breathing had returned and I drew in huge gulps of air. I was excited beyond belief as I felt my pants becoming much too tight in the crotch. Opening my pants I whipped.

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