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I cleansed myself fully so the man who gets to have sex with me can dirty me up however he wants. The warm water blasting from the shower head hit my ...ody and dripped from my head, lips, titties, stomach, pussy, ass, legs, and down to my feet. It was so relaxing. I then looked down at my pubic hairs around my vagina and remembered that the girls I've watched in the porn clips had smooth and hairless pussies. I decided that I too should have a hairless pussy when I walk naked up and down my. It was smaller,much smaller. And, at the end of my smaller hands, I saw that my nailswere painted, pink of all colors. Was this a bad joke? I reached until Ifound the buzzer on the bed, and rang for help.The nurse came in and said, "You're awake! Finally! Let me call thedoctor and your mom."I must have banged my head harder than I thought. My mom and dad weredead. I should know, as I killed them. That one wasn't for money - itwas personal. They had been hugely abusive while I was. Sue did notice that rex was probably the best pussy licker that she had ever had. it became less fair to rex though that sue got all the release and he got none. as a result sue began to hold and play with his cock marveling at its size. finally, sue could stand it no more, to be only licked just didn't do it. she took a day when she had time and no one would be around. rex was happy to be with sue at any time, but she could see his mounting excitement when she removed her pants and panties. The Mexican apparently came in Mary Beth's mouth, at least that is what Bonnie thought the white stuff leaking out of her mother-in-laws mouth must be, and he got up to let one of the white guys take his place. Bonnie found the sight exciting and she felt a tingle in her pussy. Just her damn luck - she was going to go home horny as hell and it would be at least five days before Dave got home. For the first time she was sorry that she hadn't bought a dildo when she'd had a chance.She gave a.

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