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I saw him apply agenerous coating of Vaseline to his cock which had now stiffened andlooked to be about six inches long - well, at least he's not hung...like ahorse, I thought.Aaron came over to me and I could feel him applying Vaseline to my buttand massaging and stroking my cheeks. Even though I was kinda nervous Iwas getting turned on by his touch. Then Aaron knelt over me andwhispered in my ear; "I'll be gentle - don't worry I won't hurt you."And with that he began to slide his cock up into. John grunted and came in my mouth. I swallowed it just in time to switch dicks so Ralph could give me a second mouthful. This was great.I leaned in and sucked the last juice from their softening dicks, then paused and looked around. Everyone was watching, and a smattering of applause began, then got louder. I turned, put an arm to my waist, bent forward and took a little bow.“Katie, that was terrific!”John complimented me first, followed by Ralph, who stated, “Simply spectacular!”“Thanks, guys.. We unpacked. I put both our disguises and the paint cans on the desk in full sight.The bar/restaurant was jammed when we wandered down some twenty minutes later to grab a bite before turning in. And it turned out just about every single person in the room was there for the bike ride. Nudists who were dressed. And excited. The room was alive."I don't believe it," mom muttered as we made our way through the throng. Then added, "and they seem like normal people." They are," I countered."Perverts,". The top was down.She opened the passenger door for me . As I slid onto the seat,she fondled and pinched my ass."Nice buns."It was hard keeping the skirt pulled down. The seats were vinyl.My butt slid every time I moved, exposing my moist, pantied crotchto the summer breeze. The mistress pulled out of the drivewayand headed toward the interstate on-ramp."Slide over here. Don't be shy," she intoned.I slid closer, so close our thighs touched. Primly, I pulled myskirt down in a vain attempt to.

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