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I broke the door open and found the guards dead on the floor and the princess missing.I lifted my left arm and turned on my comp tracker. She had not ...nown I had attached a micro tracker in her hair. Unlike the other trackers it used ancient tech and was not jammed. I spun and started to run as I pulled my weapon. I did not see the other guards who should be responding and kept going.I trotted as I followed the signal through the school and to the gym. I crashed into the doors hard with my. I still did an occasional web show and twice a year did a large gangbang cum show for my birthday and my husband’s birthday. He loved watching me be used and it allowed me to experience my urge to take on multiple men and to taste large amounts of cum. I continued to suffer from my sexual addiction and luckily I was still considered attractive for my age, since that kept the young men interested. My husband’s cock exploded in my mouth and I swallowed his thick semen down as I sucked it from. ”“Oh yeah, how’s that?”“You have a guy out at the bar who wants to hit on you, the woman who just left wants to hit on you, and you have a pretend boyfriend right here at this table who’d like to hit on you but can’t.”Heather’s eyes bored into his and with a coy smile she shook her head. “We better get on home. We’ve had too much fun for one night.”----Back at the house, Jerry stowed the chairs into the garage and went into the house and up to his room. He pulled fresh clothes out of the. At the sight of me, the two bolted away from each other. Manny started to pace madly, and Luis was turning a particularly vicious shade of red. Breaking about 30 seconds of silence, Manny stormed over to me and yelled “You can’t tell anyone about this! Do you know what would happen if our girlfriends found out?” We’d be laughing stocks!” Manny had me backed against a wall, and from behind him I heard Luis whisper, “Is there anything we can do to make sure you keep quiet about this?” And just.

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