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I let my juices stream out of my soaking pussy all over the two of them. I felt my milky stream flood out over my walls and drip on that little bitch ...rithing and grinding underneath me. “OH MY GOD!!!!!” She yelled. I delighted feeling her body shake with orgasm under mine. I kissed her again and again. She ravaged my mouth with hers, moaning hard and pausing to yell out some obscenity about how he had given it to her so good. Her messy juices squirted everywhere, including onto my cunt. Gene. Gotcha! Crystal smiled to herself as the kiss became more intimate, even as she moved her fingers up to the girl's clit and began to rub."Oh God, Professor," Eleanor moaned, her kitty suddenly on fire."You're such a pretty young lady," Crystal complimented, as she continued the soft assault on her clit."You're so beautiful," Eleanor moaned, suddenly in complete lust with her black professor."You know what else is beautiful?" Crystal purred as she tapped the girl's clit five times... wanting to. "I'll drive, if that's ok - my hotel is only a couple of blocks and I really don't want to let you out of my sight." Jim's rental was close to the door - he unlocked it and she slipped into the passenger seat. In the 5 seconds it took him to get in the drivers' side, she tried to even her breathing, but soon gave up. As soon as he got into the car, he started it, turned up the heat and turned to her. In one fluid motion, he took her face in his hands and kissed her with the pent up passion of. Liz would reach back and put her hand in between us and grab my cock. When I slid back, she took my stiff cock and bent it down, and said "push." As she said it, I pushed forward and penetrated her ass, and was in her from behind. It was so tight around my cock and so smooth. I wanted to push more and Liz would say, "push it all in, all the way." With that, I squeezed forward and my stiff cock slid into and up in her ass. It was so tight and hot and slick. I want to rock back and forth just to.

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