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"There is one small point that I think I should put your minds at rest about straight away. That concerns the colour of the host's skin. You may be su...prised to learn that she is white, a natural blond too as you will discover for yourself Don. That in no way will effect the outcome of the children. They will be the same rich coffee colour that you both share, she has no genetic part to play in their makeup. They are guaranteed 100% to be your offspring. She just carries them."She put the. Tell him what you do and why you’re not the sort of dick that would pump and dump. Just not in those words. So he did. Slowly and with a great deal of hesitation at first, but he worked up to it, and felt a sliver of success. It would have been more helpful if Donovan’s face had given him some feedback to work with, but that flat expression never changed a whit as Jahn rattled off his personal biography. At last the man interrupted, “That’s enough.” Jahn stuttered to a halt. “Okay…”. I lean back then into Daddy’s chest, coz he’s already unbuttoned his shirt and I’m right on his naked skin there and that’s so cool. By then, the show has really started and Mommy has her hand on my slit going up and down real slowly coz she knows it’s gotta last for an hour. She just likes to play with me like that, I don’t think it’s really S-E-X. We are having such a great time together as a family, Deedee. I really wish I could write this as an essay for English or Social Studies when. "Annie's gonna be so pissed when she hears about this."Both Lew and Harry perked up their ears. "Annie Prince?" Harry finally asked.That shook Dave out of his thoughts. "Never mind about that. It's my private life," he growled. "Do you two want to pick up Todd, or do you want me to send somebody else?" We'll do it," said Harry. "He shouldn't be picked up by strangers." Good," said Dave. "Make sure you try to apprehend this supposed nefarious fugitive by noon today."Harry and Lew looked at each.

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