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Sister looked at her wristwatch. "Ohh, I should probably head to the mallnow, a pity. I would have loved to continue your lesson on makeup."I was stil... looking shocked at my reflection, that stunning girl was me?"Makeup?" I asked."Yes of course, you have a lot of things you need to catch up on littlesister. Why don't you watch some tv while I head over to the mall to getyou something to wear."I just nodded, little sister she called me. I probably should get used tothat, Jacob probably wouldn't. What he was, telling her to do.... It was almost too much. Despite how much she'd been preparing herself for the next encounter, this caught her off guard. It was so much easier, thinking that the control was gone. But here he was, making her act out as if she wanted this. It vaguely passed in her mind that this must be how a whore feels with a complete stranger.The morning went too fast. Way too fast. Noon was upon her, and she knew she needed to get going soon.She arrived at the. He let out a quiet groan as I moved my lips up n down his shaft, pausing at the tip to run my tongue all over it then engulfing it once more. When he thought id done enough sucking he finally agreed to let me ride him, n damn I was so ready for it. He lay on his back, his big cock pointing upwards and I squatted over it, facing him then lowered myself onto him, slowly taking it inch by inch till it was all in me with my cheeks pressing against his balls. I leaned back a little n rested my hands. “You’re going to suck me off like a good whore, and if you can make me cum without that oil spilling out of you, I’ll leave right now. Which of us can last longer?”Jill stared at me in disbelief. “You promise you’ll leave?”“I won’t even bother getting dressed. I’ll just grab my clothes and walk right out that door.”Jill didn’t answer, but since this was rape, I didn’t care about what she had to say. I set her against the fridge, still upside-down like a weirdly drawn 2, her ass pointed straight.

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