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For a year we had the time of our lives, having more sex than I even though was possible. But sadly it couldn't last, I had to leave town to go to uni...ersity, about 5 hours away by car, which i didnt own one so it was more like a 8 hour bus trip. We decided that we would stay together even though i was moving. We got to see each other about every 3-4 weeks as I would take the bus home. But the during the late fall during exams i was not able to see her for 6 weeks. This was by far the longest. She liked my cock and licked my balls as it was much bigger and thicker than her husband and told that her husband cock is thin and he doesn’t fuck her well.Then I made her sit on me and she rides my cock nicely in full pleasure and then I fucked her in doggy style spanked her nice ass and she loved it being controlled.We made love to each other for about an hour including lot of foreplay which she enjoyed the most and satisfied and then as I was fucking her in missionary position I told her I. Although I like wearing the lingerie directly on my skin, there is no doubt that the added countours of the suit make for a much better fit. After strapping the garter belt around my enhanced waist, I pulled first one then the second black, sheer hose up my legs and clipped them to the belt. Next came the corset. This was probably my favorite piece of all my women's clothes. It covered my "breasts" while pressing them tightly against my body, and it also severely constricted my waist. With. I held my breath in a near panic as she opened the buttons on my jeans and reached her hand gently into my boxers to extricate my little penis. She drew it towards her with her long nails, and dropped down to her knees. She looked up at me and smiled, displaying my rapidly growing cock right above her tight, pushed up cleavage. As I struggled to gain some control over my hormones, she dropped her lips down onto it and began to suck, and I gasped in pleasure.I closed my eyes and sank into the.

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