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His face looked pained. "This is good publicity! Forboth of you!" You could have asked first!" I yelled back. "I don't know if I'm readyfor that yet!"...I'm sorry," he apologized. "It came out before I thought about what Iwas doing. I told him about a new up and coming singer, and he wasdelighted to have you as his date."I didn't know what to say! I was still learning how to be a girl! Ididn't think I was ready to go on a date! Especially on a date that wasgoing to be so public!"Who is it?" I. . From time to time...That time is now!First day back at college after a particularly long weekend started off as normally as it always does. Normal being tired, bored, a bit chilly, also with your imagination running wild on lots of stuff like that first year running past in a short skirt. Oh yeah, you're also kinda a pervert. Ravenwood college sets you up for life however it last four years at the age of eighteen. A big commitment but certainly worth it. You're already in your third year and. It used to be almost a term of endearment..." Oh." The Wench dampened a paper towel and began swiping at her pudenda. Semen was something she hadn't managed to collect, but she was gooey... "I can see that, from Master... It probably isn't even 'almost'." ... Which only makes things more confusing." Sharon eyed the willowy redhead. "Why did you keep it to yourself that I was lubed?"The Wench prepared another paper towel and brought it to Sharon to wipe her face with. Sharon took it, but didn't. I lay on top of her and she spreads her legs so I can enter her. She's very wet.Almost immediately I begin to fuck her hard, and she's grabbing my ass, scratching my back and pulling at my hair.As I start to suck on her nipples I reach for her throat and put my hand on it. I squeeze just a little as I fuck her harder and harder.“Oh yes, yes,” she cries, and puts both her hands around my neck, choking me. She stares into my eyes and moans through her teeth. She squeals as she comes. I pull out.

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