Becky rolled over to put her mouth over Mom’s mouth and they locked up, writhing like two oily snakes as I shoved my cock deep, blowing my cum into ass as she gripped my cock.I moved back and let Mom’s legs down to the bed slowly, then moved up bedside her. She was oily and slick from head to toe and she was smiling as she wrapped her arms around my neck.I felt Becky washing my cock, then she washed Mom’s ass and pussy before she moved up the bed to lie on top of us.“Eddie, I want to be. "How many Anna's are there? There is the proud businesswoman." Angique's hand indicated Anna's suit. "She can't be subdued. She always lurks in the background and suddenly pops up to lecture me sternly." Angique smiled. "There also is lil Anna, the sweet would-be sub, always ready to tell me how much she loves and adores her Mistress while at the same time big Anna plays the domme with Alicia, manipulating the silly girl to help you getting back into my good graces." Anna cringed but kept. " Tisoch brightened. "Besides, it's a novelty, aWhite Silk girl serving in my tavern." He slapped his thigh. "Andmy father said I'd never make a good tavern-keeper, but in allhis years *he* never had a White Silk girl serving for him!" Tisoch gestured to a passing tavern girl, who quickly kneltbefore him. "Take this girl to the far alcove and position herthere." The girl leapt to her feet and gestured to Lilianne tofollow her. She stood and went with the girl, casting onedespairing glance back. I got on top of her and made sure she felt every inch. She then said, ‘I am on the pill.’ I knew this meant that she wanted me to cum inside her but I wanted to hear her say it. I asked, ‘Do you want me to cum inside of you?’ She said, ‘Yes!’ I told her, ‘Then ask me.’ She must have been waiting for that q because she responded, ‘Fuck ya! cum inside of me. Fill up my pussy!’ I said, ‘Do you like that big dick?’ And she replied, ‘I fucking love it, I want to fuck it everyday!’ I said, ‘Do you.

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