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The room was blue – blue carpet, blue bed cover, a tinge of lavender on the upholstery. It was cold outside, but inside it was hot.Without a word, I...grabbed Trey by the head and rammed my tongue into his mouth. I was usually the small guy, but with Trey's being three inches shorter to my 5'7” frame, he sunk into my arms, melted into me. Something was barring us from completely melding, though: clothes.“Oh, fuck, Trey,” I said, yanking his jersey off.This time Trey rammed his tongue into my. Convinced that she was telling the truth, he didn’t bother with asking her again. They got off of the couch, and she asked him if he wanted to take a shower with her. Dave of course gave her a resounding “yes,” and they made their way to the small bathroom that was designated for guests. He watched her jiggling ass as the made their way to the bathroom, and he felt his cock start to harden once more. Dave and Tiffany fucked in the shower once more, and this time, a powerful orgasm racked. “Well it’s not much but we like to call it home, and by the way it is our home and not yours, but then again I suppose you have noticed that? Tell that to your precious Arius next time you straddle him.” Melissia enjoyed her dig at Fulvia and relished scoring the first verbal blow.Fulvia relished the girl’s obvious fire at first hand and knew that this was going to be a battle of wills between them. “I shall be telling him a lot more by the time I am finished with you Melissia believe me.”“Now. But for these special visitors, he wanted to show off his best warriors.Celadus had earned a good deal of respect and admiration and was something of a hero of the Coliseum because of the many battles he had won. He was in an elite category of gladiators who had earned the privilege of having a home of their own away from the Coliseum.It had taken a long time and many battles–he had beaten a great many opponents, both man and beast to get to this point and he hoped he would fight long enough to.

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