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To my utter shock there stood my brother in law. “Oh, err hi Chris, what are you doing here?” “I’ve got a flat tyre and need to borrow you... car jack,” he said. “Oh, err ok, hang on there while I get my keys and you can get it out of the garage,” I stuttered. “I may as well have a cuppa while I’m here,” he said, barging past me. As I walked into the kitchen he was looking down at my feet and, with a shocked look on my face I realised the stocking bottoms would still be visible beneath. Faster than I could count to five she was naked and sitting on my face almost screaming for me to lick her cunt. The scent of her highly aroused pussy being so close and the moist feeling on my chin was evidence that she had really enjoyed her little tease. As I licked her sweet shaved pussy she was moaning with pleasure and she started to pinch her nipples. Sarah didn’t last long and soon enough she shook with ecstasy and flooded my mouth with her juice then rolled over onto her side, this. It seemed like all my afternoon teachers knew she wasn't coming over and so had piled on homework. Geometry, Biology, English. I sat down at my desk in my room and plowed through it, getting up finally in time to come down for dinner.Afterwards, I read and when Lyn called, we talked in general terms about school, particularly the geometry class, where we had the same teacher, just different periods. And about the weekend; both of us were excited about spending so much time together, it was hard. “Watch it bub,” she warned playfully. “I guess I was just angry that you ruined the end of that date you took me on. Just a hint, don’t talk to other women when you’re on a date and especially not in front of one as paranoid and neurotic as I am.” “Gotcha. And for your information, it wasn’t a date.” “Mhm sure. And as for dealing with that idiot,” she jerked her head towards the sales area, “I could have handled that on my own. He’s been here for a year compared to my eight.” I hadn’t.

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