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I cannot hear the words explicitly, but I still know. This is my spine speaking. I follow it like a blind dolphin might follow an alluring dot on his ...onic radar. Just that and nothing else is all I cling to. Just a siren’s song for my ears alone, that stands out from cobblestone clatter and unfocused chatter like a fifth wheel fugue harmony, much higher and brighter, but still concealed in a weave on the brink of chaos. I follow the melody, spin, search, scream to get an echo. And there, once. I opened her's , seeing pants and what I believed was a shirt on top. Once I pulled the pants and shirt out, there was a bra laying there for me to see! It was a white bra with the soft foam cups. I pulled it out of the hamper quickly putting my face inside the cup, took a deep breath, ahh that's what I wanted ! I could smell her perfume on the bra and just a hint of her own scent on it, my cock began to throb from the smell, as I had to start rubbing my dick, happy from getting to take a deep. The midday sun bakes them both, and sweat beads on his forehead."Don't go eyin' me like that."He swings his hand and hits her across the face with the back of it. She does nothing to defend herself. Her hands are tied behind her back with a hemp rope. Iron shackles bind her feet together."If I have to bloody you up so you don't sell, I might just send you to one of the 'special' customers."She says nothing.He reaches a hand out and fondles her breast. Then she backs away."You're a pretty one,. ..see you at 7:00."I went home, showered up, washed my Corvette, put on a decent pair of shorts and a white dress shirt, and rumbled into Louise's drivway at 6:59. Patty's car was in the driveway, so I walked in and announced my arrival. She emerged from the kitchen with two glasses of lemonade, gave me a long up and down look, and said, " look like my father's worst nightmare." In an overdone tone of conceit and cockiness, I replied, "Thank may be right." She gave me a.

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