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" Shouldn't you be with your crew preparing?" I asked."My ship has a crew of twenty eight," Lieutenant Marakova said. "And they have all been well tra...ned already. Right now they are all spending some time with their concubines. Since our concubines will be brought out in a transport, we'll be without them for about six weeks while we travel." Ouch," Jason said. "But why are they moving your concubines from Earth?" There is too much distance. It's going to take us weeks to get to our. Oh what it would be like to run my hands back and forth across her shapely tits, I could only wonder.As we continued watching the video, the storyline panned out, so the action on the screen unfolded and heated up. In turn, I grew more and more turned on. At each turn of events on screen, I found myself visualizing my Mother-in-law in the role of the actress with myself as her partner. I saw myself fucking her from the rear, from the front, fucking her anally and orally. In fact, I saw myself. "You are a meanie," I shoot daggers at him with my eyes.He smiles and takes my hand. At the bath house when we have to divide, he kisses me with all the pent up longing that he is feeling."Go take your bath," he swats my butt and walks into the mens side.I still want to shoot daggers at him but he disappears before I can think of a good come back."Universe take that man," I snarl under my breath.He wants me to take a bath, but without him. I am never going to understand him.As I predicted the. She took a moment to gather herself. Carefully holding her cum coated hand and wrist away from herself as she got up, it left her defenseless when I reached out to dab a little sperm on her button nose. While the move amused her friend and me, it left her even more distressed.I wiped myself off with a few tissues, while she washed at the sink in my room. She rinsed her hand and scrubbed the sperm from her shirt as best she could. When she was satisfied that she was clean both girls gathered.

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